It's a spectacular mixture of art and technology…

Asher Monroe has always sought out bold, brave pop moments.

Landing his first Broadway role at the age of six, he’s continually sought to blend the theatrical with pop directness.

Planning to release two albums in 2021, new project ‘Windows Of Time’ leads the way, a fresh start the also ties into his roots.

“I am an old soul and, in some way, I wish I’d tapped into that earlier,” he admitted recently. “The result is an album I can really hold up and say that these are my songs, written from my heart, that I truly crafted.” 

Recent single ‘Midnight Masquerade’ is already being lauded by Elton John, and it’s easy to see why – Asher’s melodic flair and soaring vocal leap out of the speakers.

Larger than life, the full video for ‘Midnight Masquerade’ was steered by Asher Monroe himself – in collaboration with Jubesco Fernandes – and it’s a vivid return.

Blending CGI with real live performance, it finds Asher Monroe moving between two worlds, breaking barriers in the process.

A striking return, you can check out ‘Midnight Masquerade’ below.

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