After allegations of "scamming fans"…

Blah Records have moved to drop Milkavelli following a number of allegations online.

The UK artist is closely tied to the label, who have released a number of both collaborative and solo projects by Milkavelli.

In a new statement, the Blah team have moved to separate themselves from the artist, saying “this situation has made us sad and angry”.

They add: “Of course we never thought he was the most stand up guy on earth that would be stupid, to be quite frank he was unreliable and an utter pain in the ass but he is such an impeccably skilled liar, he always managed to claw his way through any bullshit and survive by the skin of his teeth.”

Milkavelli is accused of “scamming fans” with Blah commenting: “It’s crazy how he has gotten away with so much shit…”

Blah have told fans: “OK, so, for any fans that have been scammed, first of all, please try your bank. Unfortunately if you paid using PayPayl via friends and family, it will be a lot harder. There is something called a ‘charge back’ and you can request this via your bank, even if you used PayPal friends and family but please take note, you will have to do your due diligence to find out if it will affect your PayPal account negatively as we can’t find any definitive information. We are working on ways to further assist anyone who was scammed and definitely can not get their money back so give us a couple of days to figure that out.”

Confirming that Milkavelli is no longer part of the Blah family, they finish: “This is a small, independent record label made up of friends and he is no longer one of them.”

Find the statement in full below.

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