"I want to be real with my thoughts and experiences…"

DarkStarGraver uses music as a tool.

It’s his interface with the wider world, a means to prompt true communication – in short, he cuts a little deeper than most.

The south coast rap talent interpolates Stateside styles while adding some UK grit, the darkness in his sound coming from personal issues.

Introductory singles ‘CodeRED’ and ‘Snakes & Ladders’ caused a ruckus, with a full EP incoming.

The material is prompted by “the mental and spiritual changes I went through,” he says, “my personal chrysalis from light to dark…”

It’s a process that comes through clearest of all on new single ‘Seeing The Signs’ – road rap with some trap leanings, the bruising production underpins a stellar performance on the mic.

He says: “I’m not afraid of showing my deepest vulnerabilities or being open with my emotions, I feel it’s important to share my personal truths, and while this can be intense, I want to be real with my thoughts and experiences.”

“Making this EP was a moment of self-discovery for me, as I had to let go of the people and things that were no longer doing any good for me, in order to serve my highest purpose. I had to burn a couple bridges along the way to find peace within myself, this feels like a real journey start to finish.”

Tune in now.

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