It's an exploration of loss…

South African group Diamond Thug have shared their new single ‘Purple Skies’.

Out on June 11th though Platoon, we’re able to share the video before anyone else, and it’s an immersive, cinematic watch.

The song itself dips into the dreamier side of their aesthetic, with their space rock sound veering into personal areas.

Inspired by the “deep purple-pink sunsets” of South Africa, the single took on elements of quiet contemplation.

Singer Chantel found herself “contemplating how quickly life could change direction, how quickly it could end and found herself deeply saddened by the thoughts of losing those around her. As the sunsets passed, the fear of losing those around her lifted.”

Directed by Meghan Daniels, the video for ‘Purple Skies’ documents the moving dips and curves of the relationship between two brothers.

“‘Purple Skies’ follows the relationships between two brothers, and is an exploration of loss and grief, as well as an ode to life, love and youth. ‘Purple Skies’ asks the question, how do we deal with the death of someone close to us when it was this person who gave us life? ‘Purple Skies’ breathes a brief world into existence, filled with joy, love, anger, loss, and moments of shared celebratory joy.”

Tune in now.

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