And lay out plans for their debut album…

Finn Wolfhard’s band The Aubreys return with new single ‘Karaoke Alone’.

Known for his acting, Finn Wolfhard is also a passionate musician, with previous project Calpurnia winning a fanbase on its own merits.

The Aubreys is his latest project, shimmering indie pop that finds Finn working alongside Cadien Lake James, Colin Croom, and Andrew Humphreys.

‘Karaoke Alone’ is a refreshing return, its low-key sonic palette seeming to let the song speak in a very organic way.

Out now, ‘Karaoke Alone’ leads into The Aubreys’ debut album – also titled ‘Karaoke Alone’, it will be released on November 5th.

“While recording we experimented with a lot of new and old sounds, but we went in with no expectations other than to have fun and make a wicked album,” Finn and Malcolm share. “And we think we succeeded.”

Tune in now.

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