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LA songwriter Gracie Gray returns with new song ‘happiness’.

The prolific bedroom artist will release her latest opus next month, with new album ‘anna’ arriving via Hand In Hive.

Out on February 4th, the record ties together aesthetics emblematic of her broader work, with the restrained palette, raw production, and coy melodies building into something essential.

New song ‘happiness’ is part of this arc, a song that looks backwards on childhood experiences in order to find a forward path.

“I think ‘happiness’ is going to mean different things to me as time goes on,” she comments. “When I wrote it I was processing a lot of hard memories. When I finished it, I felt like I was just beginning an ugly process of letting go. I am really proud of how we were able to resolve the song sonically.”

The video features VHS footage from Gracie’s own childhood, interspersed with clips of her as an adult.

She says: “‘happiness’ is about longing for childhood innocence. It’s something that can never be fully recaptured, but the video shows that these younger versions of ourselves are still alive inside of us.”

Tune in now.

Gracie Gray’s London show was sadly postponed due to COVID; catch her in LA’s Permanent Records Roadhouse on February 19th.

Photo Credit: Christian O’Keefe

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