New album 'Deep States' is incoming…

Body/Dilloway/Head are set to unite on an upcoming studio album.

Body/Head is the ongoing creative endeavour that unites Kim Gordon and Bill Nace, and the pair will be joined by Aaron Dilloway to complete the new trio.

Body/Dilloway/Head have recorded a self-titled album, diving head-long into improvisational, deeply experimental waters.

Out on November 19th on Three Lobed Recordings, it forms part of the label’s ongoing 20th anniversary series.

Kim Gordon comments…

One of the things I like most about playing improvised music and especially in Body/Head with Bill is the constantly exhilarating freedom and surprise about what is going to happen at any given moment. Making this record with Aaron Dilloway, who I have always admired so much, added in another layer of unknown and another way of giving up control.

Aaron took our sounds / music as a source and had ‘his way with it’ so to speak, crushing whatever narrative that existed in order to enter into it and making something different than what we would have done as Body/Head. 

New piece ‘Goin’ Down’ is online now.

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