An East London based alt-pop trailblazer…

East London riser Kiss Kanoo has shared her new single ‘Dark Side’.

Born in Italy, she spent time in the US and Australia as a kid, before being drawn back to Europe.

Currently based in East London, Kiss Kanoo’s pan-genre fusion is riddled with rainbow colours, and a desire for expression.

Making her mark in 2020, the newcomer’s incoming EP ‘Primordial’ promises to be something special.

‘Dark Side’ arrives coated in black, with Kiss Kanoo diving down into the depths, only to emerge embolden, and empower.

Blessed with stadium ambition, ‘Dark Side’ bristles with energy. She comments…

“This is the second single from my EP, ‘Primordial’, and it’s part of the story in the EP in which Kiss Kanoo relapses into her dark side just to be able to survive. Primordial is the story of Kiss Kanoo going through different chapters of her life, and this is the chapter in which she is trying to survive the world around her with any means she has. The first single ‘Believr’ was about being hopeful and good towards the world but sometimes it seems like this isn’t enough. We also need our dark side to survive.”

Tune in now.

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