Off kilter indie pop with a 70s feel…

New Zealand group Mini Simmons has shared their new single ‘Push And Pull’.

The band’s preening 70s influenced stance conjures visions of some iconic artists, with their glitter-strewn moves nodding towards T-Rex or Bowie.

There’s a slice of The Kinks witty lyricism in here, too, combined with a very 21st century outlook.

New single ‘Push And Pull’ finds the Makaurau based band grappling with their own identity, a neat, clipped piece of guitar pop with that repeated line: “Tip it off, and start again…”

“I wrote the bones of the song well over a year ago and was initially alluding to falling for a girl who wasn’t interested in me, while at the same time trying to let down another who I wasn’t so keen on,” says singer Zak Hawkins.

“That’s where the push and pull idea came from. In the end I kept the lyrics slightly more ambiguous as I felt it made for a more universal song and open to interpretation. The drum groove and guitar riff were inspired by ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ by the Rolling Stones, although the song as a whole ended up following more of a glam rock path (à la T-Rex and David Bowie) once we came to record it.”

“We recorded and mixed the whole song at my home studio in Auckland, continuing on with the DIY ethos we have enjoyed embracing since producing our last single.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Connor Lambert

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