After all their equipment was stolen…

Manchester band Maruja have found a new saviour, in the form of pop icon Louis Tomlinson.

Maruja were preparing to go back into the studio, aiming to record a flurry of new material, when a cruel theft robbed them of their equipment.

Losing virtually everything they owned, the determined group set about trying to find a forwards path.

With news of their plight hitting social media, a GoFundMe was set up so fans could aid them.

Somehow, word reached Louis Tomlinson who quietly donated £4000, helping the band to reach their overall target of £6000.

A huge thank you to @Louis_Tomlinson who just donated £4,000 to our GofundMe. What a Legend!

— Maruja (@Maruja_Band) September 6, 2021

A potentially life-changing – or certainly career-changing – donation. Maruja then filmed a short video, thanking their fans (and of course Louis Tomlinson) for helping them in their hour of need.

We’ve reached our target of £6000! Thank you all for your generosity and again a huge thanks to @Louis_Tomlinson for the £4000 donation.

— Maruja (@Maruja_Band) September 7, 2021

We love to see it!

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