It's an alt-pop empowerment hymn…

Norma Jean Martine has shared her new single ‘Basketball’ – check it out now.

The alt-pop talent made a few intriguing noises back in 2014, gaining major label attention in the process.

Deciding that she needed a step back, Norma Jean Martine retreated into the shadows, leaving behind press cuttings and a mystery.

Well, the puzzle is finally solved on her new single, with ‘Basketball’ presenting itself as a potent alt-pop hymn to empowerment.

She talks about heartbreak and validation, about searching for some kind of settled identity.

Sung with blistering confidence, ‘Basketball’ is the perfect signal that Norma Jean Martine has found what she is looking for.

She comments: “Writing this song was sort of a therapy for me to work out if the first boyfriend was a rebound boy, or if the new one was. I was trying to work out why I needed to be with someone constantly, and why I was so afraid to be alone.”

“I was a person that thrived off of outside validation. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, and I didn’t love myself in a genuine, authentic way, so I needed continuous approval; as a singer, a songwriter, a woman, and a person.”

“By never being alone, I never gave myself time to process the shifts in my life. I was numbing the pain with distraction and trying to fix other people so I didn’t have to fix myself. I didn’t have space to be me, I was afraid to sit with my shit and take responsibility for my life.”

Tune in now.

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