It's about taking time to absorb your own feelings…

Potent UK riser Ones has shared his intense yet beautiful new single ‘Blessings’.

Released on September 10th – World Suicide Prevention Day – ‘Blessings’ is an extraordinary piece of work, dazzling in its technical virtuosity while also being impactful in its emotional content.

A piece of art that urges us all to be true to our own feelings, ‘Blessings’ is a sharply defined piece of electronic soul that is heartbreakingly intimate.

Ones comments: “I think the thing I noticed the most in the last year is how so many of us hadn’t taken time to process our past or ourselves until being forced into lockdown. Constantly moving forward in hope of everything working out with no real conversations. Some people made changes, some people started over but 4,902 people didn’t make it out of 2020 due to suicide in the UK.”

“Mental health is something we all have and will struggle with at some point in our lives. The state of it is something we should care for. Sometimes it’s harder to talk about because the people around us – even family members don’t recognise it as an issue, let alone know how best to support us. A massive part of it is how the older generations were “treated” or how they were made to look at those who struggled. Sometimes it’s because there’s a guilt around the reasons for your upset but It should be just as important to support and understand as it is to love and have fun with those around us. Sometimes you can’t explain it.”

He adds: “I’m not telling you tell to the world what it is you’re struggling with right now or how something has affected you. I’m just asking you to be honest with yourself and those you trust if ever in serious doubt.”

“Writing this record broke me because it never felt good enough, but we got there in the end and it has allowed me to share this with you and write / understand so much more about myself. For that I’m grateful and I hope you enjoy it.”

The visuals feature the work of renowned skate collective Motherlan – an affecting watch, you can check out ‘Blessings’ below.

Tune in now.

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