Sweeney's 'FTBWC' launch event at The Old Blue Last is runaway success…

North London artist Sweeney has dropped his debut mixtape ‘FTBWC‘. 

Right from the get go we saw something special in Sweeney.

His Clash Live set at The Curtain was an exceptional performance airing his debut single ‘Rubicon’ drawing multiple wheel backs.

Quickly establishing his presence amongst peers in the live arena for Clash, in what at times can be a high pressure live slot; Sweeney made it look as effortless as any of the other seasoned lyricists in the building.

With social restrictions imposed soon after that performance, like the rest of the nation the time imposed away from the day to day cycle has seemingly allowed him to focus all of his energies into crafting something substantial and noteworthy.

Years in the making, ‘FTBWC’ is a cohesive look at Sweeney’s slow rise and all the pitfalls along the way; trials and tribulations with those around him and situations his environment has exposed him to face.

Heralding the wins, losses and life experiences of himself and his peers – it’s an ode to their adolescence in North London.

The tape condenses his trials and tribulations into a pretty exquisitely formed first body of work.

An eleven-track release, the project further highlights Sweeney ’s effortless talent when it comes to crafting a pitch-perfect UK Rap song.

With a range of moods covered there is a variety to the tapestry of sound brought to the table that reflects the mood of pent up angst of an adolescence in North London succinctly right across the tape making it wholly relatable.

Sweeney collaborates with C36ChynaPinxD L K and Maya Auisha across ‘FTBWC’.

While Earl Saga (JGrey, Finn Askew), D L K & Rocky (Mostack), Jamie Lloyd-Taylor (Nines, Jungle) and Lu (Raymonda) are on production duties.

In his short career, Sweeney has already been supported by many branches of the BBC Radio family, aired on Beats 1, Rinse FM and NTS, plus received appraisal from the likes of Julie AdenugaClash Magazine and Mixtape Madness to name just a few.

Over the weekend, Sweeney held his debut headline show at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch to a packed out crowd whom by concurring accounts all left feeling they too had witnessed something special.

One of the most exciting young artists on our radar, we feel FTBWC’ is indeed the work of a prodigious young talent destined for greatness with all the hallmarks of longevity.

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 Tune in now, you can stream or buy Sweeney’s mixtape ‘FTBWC’ here.

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