It's a genre-splicing selection of tracks…

Familial pairing Beatnik return with a brand new EP.

Based in London but with Scottish roots, the duo – Statis and Nikki – pick sounds wherever they find them, letting their magpie-like thirst for new ideas blur into one seamless whole.

As such, expect to hear everything from DNB to electro-pop via UK rap in their songwriting, somehow distilled into a frantic avant-pop torrent.

Out now, their latest EP – the snappily titled ‘Vol 2’ – wanders between dancehall and synth pop, boasting features from Tino Kamal, Asian Hawk, Royston, KX, and Kimberly Nicole.

As if that wasn’t enough, Beatnik hold down a residency at Soho House in White City, while Nikki Beatnik is set to go back out on the road with Kelis.

Dive into their new EP below.

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