Philadelphia hardcore force return…

Philadelphia hardcore wrecking crew Soul Glo will release new album ‘Diaspora Problems’ on March 25th.

Working with Secret Voice, the band’s incoming fourth full length project will gain a digital release in Spring, with a vinyl drop following later in the year.

A group who have an incredible work rate, Soul Glo seem to be on the cusp of achieving something important with their righteous, incisive, and visceral brand of hardcore.

As the Philly outfit put it…

“Many artists feel as though time is a consistent adversary when it comes to the production of their work, but there is a population of people within this group who fear even more the probability of their time permanently coming to a close before they can enjoy the fruit of their labour. Many Black artists who reach superstar status do so posthumously or have a limited amount of time to establish their legacy.”

The project opens with album cut ‘Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))’, which is online now.

The visuals open in relaxed style, following the build up to a live performance – when it cuts through, however, it does so with a remarkable degree of intensity.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Christopher Postlewaite

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