Featuring a plethora of guests…

Surya Sen is hard to pin down.

An artist who moves from style to style, his sonic absorption leads to some fascinating places.

Incorporating club tropes into a helter-skelter individuality, Surya is capable to flipping 90s hip-hop samples while grappling with the legacy of UKG, all within a soulful framework.

New video ‘So I Just / Slidin’ blends two songs together, moving from 2-step velocity through to the barbed electronics with a dark edge.

Eve Mahoney was tasked with crafting the video, and her approach utilises visual counterparts to Surya Sen’s musicality.

Surya comments…

“I wanted to reflect the many styles and genres that influence my music, mixing the golden age of the 90’s style east coast hip hop video era such as ‘Wu-tang clan / Diggin in the crates crew ‘ with early 00’s UK Garage music videos like Majestic’s ‘Let’s Go Back’”.

Guests include Bone Slim from current Clash cover stars NiNE8 Collective, while FELA.Mi and Sidders also join the fray.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ethan Weatherby

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