This is pretty cool…

The Charlatans ever-green indie staple ‘The Only One I Know’ has been turned into a music box.

The wind-up endeavour transforms the indie club anthem into a short burst of tinkling notes, arranged by Jon Trier from the Richard Hawley band.

Initially released in 1990, ‘The Only One I Know’ became The Charlatans’ first Top 10 hit, an organ-drenched track that seemed to arrive packed with confidence.

Nodding towards the group’s roots in the Mod (and wider 60s) scene, it remains a real fan favourite.

Out on September 20th, the limited edition music box comes with a postcard, and – if we might say so – it looks pretty damn cool.

A must for fans, you can check out a preview below.

As ever, The Charlatans are up to all sorts – new shows have been announced, while Tim Burgess is currently celebrating the release of a new Listening Parties book.

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