The LP is called 'Daniel Ek Is Not The Anti-Christ He's Just A Very Naughty Boy!'

English group The Pocket Gods seem to have been banned by Spotify for being offensive… to Spotify.

The band – in reality one songwriting, Mark Christopher Lee – have a lengthy history of protesting against the poor rate of royalties paid out by streaming services.

Spotting that 30 seconds is all is takes to trigger the royalty payment, they observed: why write anything longer?

The Pocket Gods recently returned with a new album, featuring 100 tracks lasting just over 30 seconds each.

Titled ‘Daniel Ek Is Not The Anti-Christ He’s Just A Very Naughty Boy!’ the LP swiftly caught the attention of Spotify, who took it off the service.

In a note to press, The Pocket Gods explained: “Spotify have had a serious sense of humour fail after our latest album campaigning for fairer royalties from music streaming has been banned for being offensive to er… Spotify!”

Adding that the title itself is a nod to Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, Mark Christopher Lee wrote: “To be honest I’m quite upset about it all the album itself is one person and a guitar critiquing the music industry as a whole and is meant to funny and was all recorded in one take. There’s nothing hateful on the album. The likes of Joe Rogan and other podcasters can say what they want pretty much but when we start singing a crap 30 second song moaning about Spotify well it’s a different story.”

He adds: “The album can be streamed on a few sites like Deezer (there’s a few songs slagging them off on the album) and Youtube (same again) – and also Soundcloud who are quite nice compared to the rest!”

Spotify have not commented on the ban.

Nub Music · The Pocket Gods – Daniel Ek Is Not The Anti Christ He’s Just A Very Naughty Boy!

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