What was your lockdown hobby?

When the pandemic’s curtain fell across our lives, most of us tried out something new to pass the time.

Whether it was banana bread or Duo Lingo or some form of exercise, it became a way to construct something new in the stead of our vanishing social lives.

Restricted to his bedroom in North Carolina, 16 year old Ash Guiterrez started making music – sketches at first, then something more serious.

Working without any prior preconception on what pop should sound like, he wound up breaking all the rules and making a few new ones, too.

Debut EP ‘Cypress Grove’ is out now under his artist name glaive, and it’s gaining a barrel-load of hype, tagged alongside the emerging hyper-pop movement and production teams such as 100 gecs.

His single ‘Astrid’ is the perfect jumping off point – splattered with fresh ideas, none of it makes any sense but you wind up completely caught up in its cavalcade of outstanding ideas.

A full video for ‘astrid’ is now online – directed by Charlie Grant and Hunter Ray Barker, it’s the best introduction to glaive’s world we can offer.

Tune in now.

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