To counter cease-and-desist letters…

Le Tigre have taken legal action to protect their song ‘Deceptacon’.

The group’s all-time indie-dance banger is at the centre of a row, with Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman recently facing cease-and-desist letters from songwriter Barry Mann.

Curiously, Barry – and the estate of co-writer Gerry Goffin, who died in 2014 – argue that ‘Deceptacon’ treads upon 1961 single ‘Who Put The Bomp (Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)’.

Following this, Kathleen Hanna and Johanna Fateman have filed a civil suit suit at the Southern District of New York, stating that the claims are baseless.

Pitchfork have viewed the legal documents, which state:

Mr. Mann did not create these vocables or song titles; rather, it appears that Mr. Mann and his co- writer copied them from Black doo-wop groups active during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Specifically, it appears that Mr. Mann took “bomp-bah-bomp-bah-bomp” from The Marcels’ distinctive version of ‘Blue Moon’, which sold over a million copies, and “rama lama ding dong” from the Edsels’ then-popular ‘Rama Lama Ding Dong’. In short, the Bomp lyrics at issue are not original to Mr. Mann, and Defendants have no legitimate copyright claim in them.

Continuing, the suit explains that Le Tigre’s lyrical twists quality as fair usage, as ‘Deceptacon’ has “a new meaning that is directly at odds with and a clear criticism of the message in ‘Bomp.’”

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